RogueKillerCMD brings malware scanning to Windows’ command line

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Those that dabble with anti-malware tools might be familiar with RogueKiller, software that garnered quite a following thanks to the success it found with against malware. While RogueKillerCMD is an anti-malware tool in its own right, it is also a command line version of RogueKiller.

Many argue that GUI versions of software are better in any scenario and while that stands true in most cases, there are also times where having a CMD version is useful. For instance, in cases where Windows has to be booted in Safe Mode or there is something else preventing the OS from working in its full capacity, the CMD version is better for running quick checks. Automation is also facilitated by the CMD version.

It’s pretty much free for all

One of the best things about this software is the fact that it does not require any kind of professional training or experience. Pretty much anyone can pick it up and put it to good use so that malware is kept at bay.

Scanning is on point

The scanning process does a great job of detecting potential problem causers. However, users have the liberty of deciding which detections can be removed and which can be kept.  There is a lot of bonus functionality included in this software’s offerings. For starters, it is able to kill off processes that users might not find appropriate to run at a given time. Also, it has the ability of listing processes too, making it a versatile anti-malware solution. Users have the ability to filter these results by name and even process ID, which is always a welcome feature.

Registry keys are also accessible through RogueKillerCMD because the software allows its users to list and even kill these Registry keys. Controlling RogueKillerCMD isn’t hard and doesn’t require any overly complicated command system. The software’s features are accessible through the Windows console which makes it very easy to use. While it comes with no customizable scans, there is a free trial version which allows users to see if it’s something they would end up using before they actually buy it.



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