10 best royalty free image software for Windows PCs (plus some bonus tools)

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
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royalty free image software

How to upload your royalty free image multiple sites

  1. 123RF.com

You can upload your photos to 123RF.com through the following procedures. 123RF is a royalty-free digital media library that provides lots of budget-friendly commercial and editorial images, video footage, logo designs and illustrations. 123RF now ranks as the leading global provider version to 123RF.com.

Upload your Photos:

  • Login to your 123RF account.
  • Access the Contributor’s Dashboard.
  • Click on the ‘Upload ‘button.
  • Select ‘Photos ‘
  • Click the ‘Continue >>‘button.
  • Select ‘FTP settings / Check Upload FTP Results ‘.
  • Set up your FTP client to upload to 123RF.com.
  • Connect your FTP client to 123RF’s FTP server.

Please use the following settings:

  • Host Address/Server : ftp.123rf.com
  • Username : Your Username (UID)
  • Password : Your login password at 123rf.com
  • Once you click on ‘Quickconnect ‘, you will see a connection response at the top.
  • Hence, after you are connected, locate the Photo(s) in the file name folder on your left. Then, drag the photo(s) to the file name box on your right.
  • Now, the Upload process will be shown in the box named Server/Local File.
  • The status panel where the ‘Successful Transfer’ tab is indicates the status of photo(s) being uploaded to our server.
  • Please read the information under Warranties and Representations carefully. When you are ready to continue, check the checkbox.
  • Then select ‘Click here to process upload files ‘.
  • You will be directed to the page below.
  • After the queue has completed, you will see the status showing ‘Completed ‘.
  • You may click on the ‘Completed Images‘to see your successfully uploaded images from the ‘Pending‘tab.
  • Precede to the next stage where you have to describe and keyword your photo(s). Once you’ve done that, please ensure that you click ‘Save Changes‘.
  • Describing and Key wording your Photos
  • After processing, you have to describe and keyword your photo(s).
  1. Wikimedia Commons
  • Go to the Upload Wizard on Wikimedia Commons. You can always get to it from the Upload file link in the menu on the left.royalty free image software
  • Use the illustration on the first page to understand whether Wikimedia Commons can accept your upload.
  • When you’re ready to upload, click
  • Next near the end of the page.
  • Click Select media files to share and find the image or images you want to upload from your computer.
  • Licensing your file
  • Click Continue and select the options that apply to your upload, as prompted. When you are done, click next. More information »
  • Organizing and describing your upload
  • Enter a title for the image. Use plain, descriptive language. Then enter a description of the image and the date it was created.
  • Help organize Wikimedia Commons by assigning categories to your file. When you are done, click next.
  • After this, your upload will be published and complete.
  1. Unsplash
  • To upload a photo, click on the link on the homepage that says ‘Submit a photo’ (or go to https://unsplash.com/submit). If you’re not logged in already, follow the prompts create an account or login.
  • After you have logged in, follow the instructions to upload a photo.

Other websites you can upload your royalty free images are listed below. Check sites for tips on how to upload your images. Uploading images on these sites are not difficult.

  1. Pixabay
  2. Every Stock Photo
  3. Negative Space
  4. Magdeleine
  5. Old Book Illustrations
  6. ISO Republic
  7. Public Domain Vectors
  8. 1 Million Free Pictures
  9. Realistic Shots
  10. Startup Stock Photos
  11. The British Library
  13. The Public Domain Review
  14. Viintage
  15. Fancy Crave
  16. The Pic Pac
  17. Pexels
  18. Jay Mantri
  19. Dreams Time
  20. Death to Stock Photo
  21. Shutter Stock
  22. Foodies Feed
  23. Flickr Commons
  24. Public Domain Pictures
  25. Creative Vix
  26. Barn Images
  27. Snapwire Snaps