Learn how you can protect yourself against Ryuk malware

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • Keeping yourself protected against online threats should be the number one priority.
  • Your personal computer or your company could fall prey to Ryuk ransomware. 
  • Antivirus software has always been the first line of defence against cyberpiracy. 
  • Here are the steps you can perform to make sure that you keep your data safe.
How to protect against Ryuk ransomware

It’s important to understand we are all vulnerable to cyber attacks from sources we can’t even begin to fathom. Simple day-to-day actions that we perform online can, if we are not careful, lead to serious security breaches.

Cyber pirates try to stay one step ahead of internet security and will always try and find a way into our homes or offices. So, in this day and age, staying protected is the best tool we have in the fight against Ryuk malware.

How can I protect myself against Ryuk malware?

The best we can do to prevent this is to use capable antivirus software, forsake unnecessary downloads and, most importantly, be more selective with who we trust around our PC and sensitive information.

Downloading software that is not certified or endorsed by a legit company is the quickest way to invite unwanted guests into your personal space.

According to Sophos, a student working at a European biomolecular research institute learned this lesson the hard way and caused a chain of events that led to dire consequences.

During his stay there he received permission to use expensive data visualization software. He wanted a copy for his personal use but couldn’t afford the license. He found a cracked version online and decided to download it.

Windows Defender warned him about potential malware infection to no avail, as he disabled the firewall. Ryuk ransomware was deployed and it ended up costing the company a lot of money, as well as weeks of hard work.

To avoid such issues you can follow a few easy steps that will ensure a higher level of protection. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself against external threats:

  1. Keep multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled at all times for anyone that is required to access internal networks
  2. Make sure to always keep your network and sensitive data password protected
  3. Install security software on your PCs and other devices on which you store such data
  4. Always install the latest software patches on all computers and be certain that the installation process was completed correctly
  5. Use of proxy servers and regularly check security policies to prevent access to malicious websites and the downloading of malicious files
  6. Lock down remote desktop RDP access with static Local Area Network (LAN) rules
  7. Review your firewall configurations and only whitelist traffic intended for known destinations
  8. Don’t forget to limit the use of admin accounts by multiple users. This can lead to credential sharing and, of course, security vulnerabilities

Enhance your protection and keep unwanted eyes away from the data you cherish and have worked hard for. Its easy to stay safe, but so much harder to deal with the threat after it already infiltrated your system.

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