Samsung’s popular Bixby assistant is coming to Windows 11

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  • Users are delighted to see that Windows 11 is about to get even more new additions.
  • This time it's all about the new Samsung integration, a feature that will surely delight. 
  • The beloved Bixby announcer is also making its way into Microsoft's brand new OS.
  • Keep in mind that this integration is only compatible with some Galaxy Book models.
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Now that Windows 11 has become reality, some PC manufacturers already took the leap and introduced the public to new devices that will be shipping with Microsoft’s latest OS out of the box.

Other OEMs, however, might not have the same resources to push out completely new laptops and desktops and are content just to announce that existing products will be eligible for the free upgrade.

Samsung refused to be left behind and is also taking the opportunity to remind its customers that they can already enjoy integration with their mobile phones even before Windows 11 gets that promised native support for Android apps.

Bixby will now serve Windows 11 users

Samsung has been enjoying some preferential treatment from Microsoft for a few years now, a fruitful partnership that resulted in some really useful features if you’re the type who always needs your phone near your Windows computer.

And while Windows 11 will let you run Android apps directly, it might still be a lot more convenient to access your phone from the desktop without even touching your phone.

It goes without saying that this happens only if your phone happens to be a recent Samsung Galaxy phone.

Samsung’s Windows 11 upgrade announcement unsurprisingly focuses more on features that are already available on Windows 10.

The extremely popular assistant, Bixby, on Windows is compatible only with the Galaxy Book, Galaxy Book Odyssey, Galaxy Book Go, Galaxy Book Pro 360, and Galaxy Book Pro.

Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G is noted to be the first Galaxy Book that will start shipping with Windows 11 out of the box. The rest will have to go through the process of upgrading to Windows 11 once the update becomes available.

For example, link to Windows not only lets you access phone notifications and messages from the new OS, but it also lets you run Android apps from the desktop or laptop.

The main difference with what Windows 11 will have soon is that you’re running the apps that are already installed and set up on your phone, more like remote phone access than native support for Android apps.

Samsung is also timing the Windows 11 launch with a few upgrades and new features of its own. Live Wallpaper and Dynamic Wallpaper support are coming from Galaxy phones to Galaxy Books, for example.

For those truly immersed in Samsung’s ecosystem, the biggest news might be the official availability of Bixby on Windows, bringing voice control of your smart home to your Samsung laptop.

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