Samsung Galaxy TabPro S2 Windows 10 tablet specs leaked ahead of official launch

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The upcoming MWC event in Barcelona is highly anticipated by tech-savvy consumers around the globe. The reason for this level of excitement is due to the presence of the world’s biggest manufacturers and tech entities unveiling new products.

There, many people will be waiting to glimpse the reveal of their favorite device as many that have been teased for a long time will now finally be getting some time in the spotlight. The same thing goes for Samsung’s Galaxy TabPro S2 Windows 10 tablet. With the Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone absent from the event, Samsung is unveiling its latest tablet which unlike what many would have expected, does not run on Android.

It will be interesting to see how a Samsung tablet performs with Windows 10, but until then we have a full list of hardware specifications. Thanks to a leak on the internet, we now know what Samsung has put inside the TabPro S2 ahead of its release. Let’s take a peak and see what’s under the hood.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S2 Display

Right from the start, we have high-quality display that measures 12 inches. The technology used by the screen is Super AMOLED and it is classified as a Quad HD unit. The maximum resolution it can offer is 2160 x 1440.

Galaxy TabPro S2 Performance and hardware

Moving deeper within the newest Samsung tablet, we see a powerful Intel Core i5 processor. It is an i507200U model, meaning that it’s from the seventh generation of Intel chips codenamed Kaby Lake. With a clock speed of 3.1 GHz, this CPU is bound to offer grand performance. On the graphics side, Samsung has implemented an Intel HD Graphics 620 chip, which isn’t what people would have wanted.

On the memory side, we have 128 GB of SSD internal memory but with a microSD card you can boost that cap up by quite a margin. Speaking of slots, there will also be one for SIM cards. The RAM department houses 4GB, which isn’t the best option available but it certainly isn’t bad either.

Other features

On the rear of the device, users will find a 13 MP camera unit that is capable of 4K recording. The front side has 5MP so they make a nice combo. On the battery side, there is a decent 5070 mAh unit which keeps the device alive.

For more information, you can check out the files available on FCC’s website.



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