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The Microsoft Edge extension program is going quite well and is getting better with each passing week. Adblock and Adblock Plus are among the most well-known extensions now available for user consumption, and joining it now for the first time on a Microsoft-made browser is Pocket.

Save To Pocket is designed to allow users to save web pages or whole articles to Pocket’s cloud servers for later viewing. Over time, it has become a popular extension and now acts as an important aspect of Firefox’s main feature set. Usefully, Pocket is cross-platform, so any saved data can be accessed from other web browsers no matter the platform.

The announcement of Save to Pocket now being available for Edge was made on Twitter via Microsoft:

Here are some cool features Save to Pocket brings to the table:

  • One-click saving of any page with the toolbar button or keyboard shortcut
  • Right-click menu item to save any link, no need to load the page first
  • Quickly add tags
  • Syncs across all devices – Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android and more
  • Completely free

The third-party Pocket app for Windows 10 Mobile is called Poki and from our experience, it works well. It isn’t the best, but it gets the job done when it comes down to reading content from Windows 10.

With the latest update to Window 10, it is now possible for users to download extensions from the Windows Store. Previously, extensions had to be sideloaded but now, a simple click of the mouse will install extensions in Edge. And with Microsoft Edge now supporting real-time web notifications, there’s one less reason to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

We can’t wait to see what other extensions will come to Microsoft Edge in the coming months and years as the platform matures.

Hit this link to download Pocket from the Windows Store.



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