Scrollistic e-publishing app for Windows 10 lets you organize your writing into chapters

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Writing in the digital age is not that far from the traditional pen-and-paper method because both processes require an author to organize his or her work in a straightforward fashion. With that in mind, app developer JBird rolled out a new app called Scrollistic to the Microsoft Store to help authors take advantage of CSS formatting and automated e-publishing features.

Scrollistic for Windows 10 provides writers a streamlined writing studio that consists of a chapter-based word processor with powerful CSS formatting. Scrollistic is a native UWP app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. It’s not clear, though, whether JBird plans to release a version for other platforms such as Android and iOS.

The writing app has an automated spell checker to spare writers the hassle of proofreading a draft, though this feature does not guarantee accurate corrections all the time. As we all know, auto spell checking systems have been known to offer faulty word suggestions sometimes. Nevertheless, if you’re writing either print books or ebooks, you might find Scrollistic’s chapter-based organizing feature useful, as the app lets you plan stories and write drafts using a target daily word quota. Once you reach your daily word count, the app alerts you accordingly.

Scrollistic also makes sure you don’t lose your work and pick ups where you left off through its automatic backup and auto-save features. However, the app lacks a cloud option, which would be more helpful for getting access to your work using any device.

Other features of the app according to Microsoft Store’s listing:

  • A notepad where you can place and organise ideas, snippets of description and dialogue, research notes and active weblinks.
  • Import you existing documents in plain text.
  • A chapter management feature which enables you to create, name, rename and move around chapters as your plot develops.
  • A ClipList feature enabling you to move blocks of text easily without the worry of losing anything.
  • The generation of lightweight, clean HTML5 to make publishing and e-publishing easier.

The last feature is what sets Scrollistic apart from other writing software. Also, you can easily print the resulting HTML and reformat the document if necessary. Scrollistic is available to download for both Windows 10 PCs and mobile devices for free from the Microsoft Store. You might also be interested in checking out some of the best ebook software to use for Windows 10, as well.



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