Sea of Thieves should really get an island economy and more new features

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sea of thieves new features

Sea of Thieves is one of the hottest games of the moment with a fast increasing player base. The title is extremely captivating and challenges players to become fearsome, merciless pirates.

Players like this game so much that they recently came with a long list of improvement suggestions for Rare to implement in future updates.

Sea of Thieves is an amazing game but really needs more content in order to keep its player base stable. Otherwise, its longevity might get affected.

So, here are some of the most interesting features and improvements you may see in future game updates, if Rare decides to take these suggestions into account.

Sea of Thieves suggested new features

  •  A revamped merchant company

Many players said that completing merchant company tasks can sometimes get quite boring. Adding new weapons for hunting sharks and whales will make the gameplay more interesting.

Players also suggest that adding an island economy would also be useful.

Stopped reading st island economy because it’s a genius idea. Would make being a merchant so much more fun!

Merchant asks players to deliver various cargo loads to specific location within a given timeframe. Completing this task is quite dangerous as it makes players an easy target. As a result, many suggested that adding a high reward when successfully completing the mission would really motivate them to complete the task.

  • Player driven bounties

Things would be a lot more interesting if players could set various bounties for the sinking of other players’ ships for example.

  • More incentives to explore the islands

At the moment, there is little incentive for players to explore the islands. If Rare adds various rewards for island exploration, players will get motivated to spend some time on the islands they encounter.

They should reward you with unique treasures, either very rare chests, skulls, artifacts and/or even unique player customization skins.

  • Other improvement suggestions include: more customization options for the ship wheel, flags, ancho, rowboats, more sea monsters, such as Megalodon, Giant whales, sea serpents, hydra as well as sirens.

If you’ve got additional suggestions to improve the Sea of Thieves gaming experience, let Rare know using this forum thread.


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