Best security cameras to protect your home [2020 Guide]

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
Deputy Editor
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Canary Flex

Canary Flex can work as indoor or outdoor camera since it’s completely weatherproof. This camera delivers 1080p video, and since it comes with a built-in 6700 mAh lithium-ion battery it can work without any wires. We also have to mention that this camera has an amazing design with 360-degree magnetic swivel base. The camera has 116-degree wide-angle lens and it offers high-quality automatic night vision.

The camera uses dual-band Wi-Fi to provides reliable signal and performance, so no cables are required. Canary Flex comes with dedicated encryption chip and it offers AES 256-bit data encryption and encrypted web storage. Just like all other security cameras on our list, this one will send you mobile alerts along with recorded video whenever motion is detected.

Canary Flex is an amazing security camera with beautiful design, and it’s available in two colors for $199.99.

Belkin NetCam HD+

Just like any other security camera on our list, this one allows you to view the camera feed at any time from almost any device. The camera has a glass lens and it offers 720p video. As for additional features, there’s a Cloud+ Premium Subscription that will allow you to store your recordings in the cloud.

We also have to mention that this device supports night vision and it also works with other WeMo devices. Of course, the camera has motion sensor so you’ll receive a notification whenever the camera detects something. The camera also supports push-to-talk feature that can be rather useful.

Belkin NetCam HD+ is a solid security camera and it’s available for $95.99.

D-Link DCS-2630L

This security camera comes with 180-degree wide eye field of view and it offers 1080p HD video and night vision up to 16ft. Just like all other cameras on our list, this one also uses a dedicated app that you can use to check the camera feed. The camera supports sound and motion detection, and you’ll get a notification whenever the camera detects any sound or motion. In addition, the camera supports 2-way audio and responsive recording.

The camera comes with SD/SDXC card slot and it can support cards up to 128GB. D-Link DCS-2630L offers amazing features, and the only flaw can be the lack of cloud support. Regarding the price, this camera is available for $118.99.

Netatmo Welcome


Unlike other security cameras on our list, this one comes with face recognition technology. Thanks to this feature you’ll get a notification whenever a familiar person appears on the camera. Of course, you’ll also get a notification when a camera detects a stranger in the house.

Thanks to the facial recognition feature you can disable notifications or recording for specific people. This camera comes with sleek minimalistic design and it can record videos at 1080p resolution. Thanks to the high-power infrared LED you can also use this camera in the dark.

The camera will record video only if motion is detected, and you can store the recorded videos on the microSD card or on Dropbox. Alternatively, you can back up your videos using the FTP server. This security camera is simple to use and it offers amazing design along with facial recognition technology. Regarding the price, you can order Netatmo Welcome for $199.

Samsung SmartCam

Samsung SmartCam is an HD security camera and it can record 1080p video at 30fps. Camera supports remote panning and tilting so you can easily adjust it at any time. In addition, there’s also a privacy mode that you can use to disable the camera automatically at certain time.

Another useful feature of this device is auto tracking. By using this feature the camera will automatically track a person or an object. The camera also supports motion zones, and you can set up to three motion zones. If any movement is detected in the motion zone you’ll immediately get an alert.

The camera stores all recordings to the microSDXC card, and you can use up to 128GB cards with this device. Regarding recording, the camera supports event recording, manual recording and continuous recording. In addition to recording, the camera also supports remote playback. Samsung SmartCam is a great device, and you can order it for $179.

Netatmo Presence

Netatmo Presence is an outdoor security camera and it comes with mechanism that can detect cars, people or animals. The camera has 4MP sensor with 100-degree field of view and it can support resolutions up to 1920×1080. This camera supports night vision thanks to the infrared LEDs, but there’s also a built-in floodlight that you can use. You can turn on the floodlight from the application or you can configure it to turn itself on if any movement is detected.

The camera comes with a dedicated app that will show notifications if any movement is detected. Using the application you can set alert zone and you’ll receive alerts only if movement is detected inside the alert zone. Using the application you can view the live stream from your camera at any time and even download saved recordings.

Regarding the storage, this camera uses memory card up to 32GB for storage, but you can also use Dropbox or FTP server. Netatmo Presence has minimalistic and weatherproof design, and it can detect movement up to 65ft. This is a great outdoor security camera, and you can order it for $299.

Withings Home

Unlike other security cameras on our list, this one comes with creative design and it should fit in your living room perfectly. This device has a 5Mpx sensor and it supports 1080p resolution, x12 zoom and night vision. Of course, you can always see the camera feed over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G. The application also supports event tracking and customizable alerts. It’s also worth mentioning that this camera has 135-degree viewing angle and high-quality night vision.

Regarding recording, event recorder feature is supported as well as 48h time lapse. There’s also a premium plan that allows you to save your recordings for up 30 days. Of course, all your data on the cloud is encrypted with AES-256 protection. In addition to house monitoring, this camera also works as a air quality sensor, and you can easily analyze the quality of air in your household.

Withings Home is a solid security camera with creative design, and it should be perfect for any home. Regarding the price, this security camera costs $154.

MYFOX Security Camera

This security camera has improved motion detection thus reducing the number of false alarms. Just like all other security cameras on our list, this one also has a dedicated app that you can use to view the camera feed. The app supports shutter control so you can easily disable the camera. Additional features include two-way audio, 4x zoom, 7-day history and selective detection.

The camera can also identify smoke alarm siren and it can send you the alert to your smartphone. Of course, you’ll also get notifications whenever the camera detects a motion. The camera supports streaming in HD quality and it has 130-degree wide angle. Of course, night vision is also supported.

MYFOX Security Camera is a great device, but some features such as continuous video recording require you to pay a monthly fee. Regarding the price, this camera is available for $93.

Security camera is probably one of the best ways to protect your home. There are all sorts of different security cameras on the market, and almost all cameras on our list allow you to view the camera feed over the Internet and to receive alerts on your smartphone. Choosing the best security camera for your home isn’t an easy task, but we hope that you found an appropriate camera for your on our list.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2017 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.