HP’s latest Windows 10 mobile workstations feature a self-healing BIOS

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HP has introduced some major updates to the ZBook line of Windows 10 devices. The ZBook line includes mobile workstations destined for the company’s enterprise customers with superior security features.

The main feature – self-healing BIOS

The most essential feature of the ZBook devices is its self-healing BIOS. HP named it the Sure Start Gen3 and its is the first self-healing BIOS for PCs in the industry.

The Sure Start Gen3 also includes the following:

  • Comprehensive encryption
  • Data and malware protection
  • Threat detection and response
  • Strong authentication
  • Identity assurance

This self-healing BIOS will restore itself in case the BIOS becomes corrupted and will also make sure devices feature a clear and clean startup without any issues.

The ZBook line devices

Thre devices from the Zbook line include the new ZBook Studio, ZBook 17, ZBook 15, and also the ZBook 14u. The new devices will also feature the Intel Xeon processors, NVIDIA Quadro GPUs and a lot of RAM and storage.

ZBook Studio

HP says the ZBook Studio is able to offer as much as 16.5 hours of battery life, impressive considering the device is only 18mm thin.

The device will feature a stunning HP DreamColor 4K UHD display that supports 100% Adobe RGB. The Zbook Studio is engineered with Intex Xeon 7th gen Core processors, NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics and features up to 2TB storage, dual HP Z Turbo Drives and dual Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Zbook 17

The ZBook 17 comes with the latest Intel Xeon or 7th gen Core processors, NVIDIA Quadro or AMD RadeonPro graphics, 4TB storage, dual Thunderbolt 3 ports. It can bring VR content to life with an ultra-smooth 90FPS VR experience on two graphic card options.

The ZBook 15

This is used by NASA to push the boundaries of science on the International Space Station. The Mobile Workstation can endure 120,000 testing hours and is made with the latest Intel Xeon or 7th gen Core processors, NVIDIA Quadro or AMD RadeonPro graphics with up to 3TB of storage.

ZBook 14 u

This is HP’s lightest and smallest mobile workstation coming in at 22mm and 3.61 lbs. It includes a 14-inch diagonal FHD display with optional touch, AMD FirePro 3D graphics with 2GB video memory, the latest 7th gen Core processors, up to 32GB memory and 2TB storage.

Most devices are available for purchase now. The ZBook Studio is $1,399, the ZBook 17 is $1519, and the ZBook 15 is $1,419. The price of the ZBook 14 u isn’t known yet.



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