Send Digital Gift Cards for Xbox and Windows Stores With This New App

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Microsoft has recently launched a digital gift cards app that allows you to send digital gifts to the ones you love. No more time wasted in buzzing stores,no more nerve-wrecking lines, all has been taken care of with just one touch. And what better moment to test this app than Christmas time?
Send Digital Gift Cards for Xbox and Windows Stores With This New App
The gift cards from Xbox and Windows stores allow your friends and family members to add their favorite music, games, TV shows or apps on their wishlist. And then, just by magic, Santa Claus comes and makes their wishes come true.

You can add a personal note to you gift card. You can select your gift by occasion, add a specific message and email it. This app has different holidays themes and events, so you can use it all year around. It also lets you chose the delivery date for your gift. Plan ahead, do not put things to the last minute and surprise your loved ones.

And if you are running out of ideas, digital gift cards for Xbox and Windows stores can save you. You will definitely find the perfect gift for your friends and family among the plethora of possibilities.

This app is easy to use, you can choose the gift by interests, and you can select the recipient from your contact list. Moreover, the history feature allows you to manage your gift so that you do not send the same gift card twice, for example. And the most interesting part is that recipients can choose on what gadget to use their gifts – WIndows 8 phones, PC, tablet or Xbox.

In regards to the gift card validity, there is no expiration date or service fees. You can cancel your digital gift card up to 14 days after sending or until redeemed. Of course, you will be refunded.

It is worth mentioning that this app works only on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1. We do hope that in the future it will be available for use for other devices as well, such as Windows tablets, laptops and computers. The app supports four languages: German, English, English (United States), Spanish, and French and you only need 1 MB of memory to install it.

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