You can now send photos from Windows 10 Mobile to Windows 10 desktop

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Windows 10 Mobile build 14356 is the latest release for the operating system and comes with a neat little feature that doesn’t work at all. Yet again, Microsoft releases a new feature for its mobile operating system that fails to work across the board.

This new feature makes it possible for Windows 10 Mobile users to send a picture to their Windows 10 PC. Sounds great in theory, but the fact that it works for no one at all makes it a bit of a dud.

From what we understand, this feature should have worked with Cortana as the main driver. Basically, by attempting to send an image to the Windows 10 desktop, the mobile handset should pick up the desktop in order to connect. We’re not sure how this would work, but we’re guessing both devices would have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Microsoft should hurry and get this feature up and running in the next update because it is interesting, though not entirely unique and also not the first time the company has done something similar.

Remember the days of Windows Phone 7 and the Zune music player? It was possible to link your smartphone with the Zune player on the desktop wirelessly. By doing this, users could transfer files back and forth over Wi-Fi, but since the death of Zune and Windows Phone 7, this feature was buried by Microsoft.

It now seems the software giant is preparing to revive it, but in a controlled manner. Maybe the plan is to begin with pictures then venture forth to videos and other files.

Whatever the case, the most important thing right now is the fact that this feature does not work at the moment, and users are angry. Folks are getting tired of Microsoft treating Windows 10 Mobile as a second class citizen.


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