Microsoft working to fix Settings app and Feedback Hub localization issues

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 14342 brought fixes for a wide array of issues, improving the Windows 10 user experience. On the other hand, Microsoft still needs to fix some annoying problems users reported months ago.

One of these unfixed unattended issues is the frequent crashing of the Settings app when re-arranging Quick Actions under Settings > System > Notification & actions.

Windows 10 phone users described this issue in detail on Microsoft’s Support Page:

I got build 14322 on my Lumia 930 the other day, and while many things are better, the quick actions menu has gone completely to bits: I’m not able to switch on more than two items at any time, and only one icon ever shows in the quick action bar. […]

The problem started when I noticed a couple of quick actions were switched off and I still had two tiles left in the layout, and when I started enabling disabled actions, other actions would seemingly randomly switch off.  In the end, I tried to work out the combination that was causing problems by disabling all the quick actions, but now I can only enable two (enabling a third causes one of the others to switch off) and the bar only shows one.

This bug removes the Quick Actions spots, leaving the only way to restore the default version of Quick Actions is by perform a hard-reset.

The Settings app may crash when you are re-arranging Quick Actions under Settings > System > Notification & actions. If it does, it could result in one of the Quick Action spots disappearing. If you see this happen, please refrain from changing your Quick Action settings on this build. If you have been impacted by this issue, only a hard reset will revert your Quick Action settings back to default.

Another issue Microsoft is trying to fix by the next build is the Feedback Hub localization issue. The UI is in English US only, even with language packs installed.

Let us hope the tech giant manages to fix these issues by the next Windows 10 Mobile build, and that very few new bugs are added to the list of known issues.



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