Shadow Warrior 2 issues affect many gamers, needs a patch fast

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Shadow Warrior 2 is an impressive game, but needs serious patching. Gamer reports have revealed that this game is plagued by many issues that seriously limit the overall gaming experience.

The good news is that the game developers are actively participating at the forum discussions and already offered a series of workarounds for common Shadow Warrior 2 issues. Moreover, the first quick patch for this game should be available on October 18 and will fix the following issues:

  • Cutscene FOV issues, when playing with non standard FOV
  • Game stuck on loading on 2 core CPUs
  • Safe mode will be added to allow gamers to disable AlienFX and videos which crash game on startup on some system configurations
  • PAX MP avatar skin issues.

Frequent Shadow Warrior 2 issues on Windows PC

1. FPS rate issues in multiplayer mode

while playing Co-op my buddy getting strange FPS drops. Basicly after going in in any meny his framerate goes down to 15 or less. and stays there. he has a GTX 1080, have tryd the “fullscreen” and windowd mode, even changed the Setting based on NVIDIA Gefore experiens. but still the same problem.

2. Shadow Warrior 2 crashes after players hit the play button: “I have a crash after the loading screen when i push button to start playing the game crash.

3Shadow Warrior 2 won’t start. This issue is prevalent for Windows 10 N edition operating systems, and the good news is that there are two workarounds you can use to fix this bug. These two solutions work for the majority of gamers and basically involve installing  the Media Feature Pack for Windows 10 or Visual Studio Redist 2012.

If Shadow Warrior 2 won’t start even after you installed these packages, you can also create a new Windows user account and try again to launch the game. Shadow Warrior 2 won’t work if two user accounts are active at the same time.

Same for me. I get no error message and Steam displays that I a am playing the game for a few seconds before it eventually goes back to online status.

4. The preorder DLC won’t install. If you’re experiencing this issue, the best solution is to simply play the game until you visit Wang’s apartment because the Razorback Katana is there. You’ll find the weapon in the apartment, just floating there even if the DLC remains grey for you.

There isn’t an issue to begin with. The only thing is that the pre-order DLC lists itself as not installed when it actually is. When you get to Wang’s apartment, the Razorback Chainsaw will be upstairs, floating near his desk for you to pick up.

If you don’t have access to the soundtrack DLC, and you’re playing on a Windows 10 computer, you’ll find it here: ProgramFiles\Steam\steamapps\common\Shadow Warrior 2\soundtrack.

5. VSYNC issues. When V-Sync is turned on, it locks the game’s FPS rate by default.

When you turn V-Sync on, by default it locks the game to 30fps whether you turn ->Tripple<- Buffering on or not. However if you switch from Ultra back to High then back to Ultra it locks in at 60fps regardless of Triple Buffering setting and plays smooth. This is on a Core i7 4790K, 16MB of RAM and a GTX 970 in 1080p resolution.

6. Shadow Warrior 2 gets stuck in endless loading screen. Most likely, this is only a graphics bug, as many gamers already confirmed the game actually loads. Simply press any key to enter the game.

7. Error “DX11 Device not found” prevents Windows 8.1 users from launching the game. Fortunately, there’s a quick workaround you can use to fix this bug. Go to C:\Users\*\Saved Games\Flying Wild Hog\Shadow Warrior 2\profiles\steam_*/config.cfg
Find the line r_fullscreen_monitor 1 and change it to r_fullscreen_monitor 0.If you can’t find this line, you can simply add it.

8. Audio stuttering issues. The characters repeat the same lines over and over again. Sometimes, they all start talking at the same time, which can become quite confusing.

9.  Shadow Warrior 2 freezes with audio still going. If the full screen mode is enabled, you’ll see a black screen instead of a frozen game image, but audio will still be available.

Also having this problem. I can play for 3 or 4 hours and then the image on the screen freezes but I can hear the game continuing with audio.

These are the most frequent issues affecting Shadow Warrior 2 gamers. If you’ve encountered other issues that we didn’t list in the article, tell us more about your experience in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to send in your feedback directly to the game developers.