SharePoint app for Windows 10 mobile is now ready for prime time

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The preview for SharePoint Windows 10 app has officially ended and a full release has now been rolled out on Windows Store, after its success on Android and iOS platforms. The preview was initially released in late September for public, that also allowed users to get a taste of the service before the final release.

Microsoft recently announced on Twitter that the app has officially dropped its preview tag, and is finally ready for the big appearance after redundant testing.

All you need to use the app is a school or work Microsoft account, and of course, a real business to acquire an Office 365 subscription that includes SharePoint online as well.

The platform is reportedly in a turmoil, and has scored less than 1% market share, according to latest surveys, but that hasn’t hindered Microsoft from releasing new and updated official apps to its platfrom, which is what we are assuming this SharePoint venture to be.

You will get the following powerful features with the final version of the SharePoint App on Windows 10 Mobile:

  • Sign in to your SharePoint Online sites. You can add multiple accounts, and easily switch between them.

  • Quickly find your sites. Check out the Sites tab, to see the sites you frequently visit and the sites you follow. Tap on a team site to dive into it. See site activity, navigate using the familiar quick launch navigation, easily follow or share the site, and work with your lists.

  • Check out recent and popular files. In a team site, get to your recent or popular files quickly to view or share them, and have full access to your document libraries using the new integration with the OneDrive app. Edit your files easily using Office Mobile apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

  • Use the Links tab to find promoted links for your organization. Curated by your SharePoint admin for all employees, these links get you to the organizational resources and sites that you care about.

  • Search. Enterprise Search is available throughout the app and results are organized into sites, files  and people.

  • Find and browse for people you work with. Tap on a user to get to their contact card and to see who they work with and what they are working on.

SharePoint, that is a service that provides Microsoft Windows users a singular platform for collaboration, document management, sharing and organization for Office 365, designed mainly for enterprise and corporate usage. Allows business users to gain on the air access to their intranet, along with sharing, viewing and modifying their files.

Download SharePoint from the Windows Store and let us know about your experience in the comments.


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