Skateboard Party 2 Released for Windows 8.1 Skateboarding Lovers

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Enough with watching others on TV using a skateboard to test they’re skills. Now with “Skateboard Party 2” released for Windows 8.1 operating systems PC or tablets we can see how it feels like to skateboard all on our own either from home or maybe when we go on vacation and we take our tablet with us.
skateboard Part 2 app for Windows 8.1
Ratrod Studio Inc. made us the unexpected pleasure of releasing for Windows 8.1 “Skateboard Party 2” with a new set of features that we are going to talk a bit below and all for the price of 1.99 $. You can get “Skateboard Party 2”,a new generation 3D game from our Windows store in just a few minutes as the specs for the PC or tablet are not that high .We only need 291 MB of free space on our drive and the technology of processors required are the Windows tablet or desktop computers (x86 or ARM).

“Skateboard Party 2” new game released for Windows 8.1

“Skateboard Party 2” for Windows 8.1 has the feature that allows you to play an online multiplayer mode and play against your friends or other skaters. Also with a XBOX game controller support this might be a gamer’s haven.

You have the chance to fully customize your control system meaning that you are able to adjust pretty much everything in “Skateboard Party 2”. Learn over 40 unique tricks in the game and be able to create hundreds of combinations are just a few more features that are available and ready for you to test in “Skateboard Party 2” for Windows 8.1 operating systems.

So go ahead, complete the achievements and gain the experience you need to take the top of the online leader boards. Beat your friends in a skateboard match by taking “Skateboard Party 2” to a whole new level of entertainment and competition.

Download here “Skateboard Party 2”.


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