‘Skyling: Garden Defense’ for Windows 8, 10 is a Delightful Indie Arcade Game

by Radu Tyrsina
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There are tons of awesome games on the Windows Store, you just need to know where to look for them, and Wind8Apps is perhaps the best place to do. Today we talk about Skyling: Garden Defense.
Skyling Garden Defense Windows 8 Indie Arcade Game
Recently released on the Windows Store, Skyling: Garden Defense is a really cool indie arcade game that every Windows 8 user should know about. Despite the fact that it contains “defense” in the title, we’re not talking here about a tower defense game. With a really small size of 6.4 MB, the game is available for $2.99 by following the link at the end of the article, but the good news is that there’s a free trial and, on top of that, this is a universal app, so once bought, you can play it on your Windows Phone device, as well. The game comes with 20 gardens to rescue, a wide variety of unique monsters, simple and intuitive gameplay and there’s touchscreen, mouse, keyboard or joystick control.

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Skyling: Garden Defense is a cool isometric maze game for Windows 8

Skyling Garden Defense for Windows 8 Indie Arcade Game

Skyling Garden Defense Windows 8 Indie Arcade Game new

Skyling: Garden Defense is a 2D, isometric maze game that blends classic arcade-style game play with a lighthearted presentation filled with blooming plants, colorful monsters and sleeping cats. Help a young Skyling named Bloom restore each garden by touching every square to spring them back to life. But be careful, the gardens have been overrun with Blight Monsters that want to destroy everything, including young Bloom! Thankfully, the gardens have switches, gates and elevators you can use to avoid their grasp. The gardens are also home to some adorable sleeping cats you can pick up and move. Position the cats around to keep the Blight Monsters away, or use them to hold down switches for you. They don’t mind. They’ll sleep anywhere! Inspired by arcade classics like Pac-Man, Q*Bert and Crystal Castles. Simple, maze-game fun suitable for all ages. Free trial allows you to play the first 3 gardens.

Download Skyling: Garden Defense game 

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