Skype for Web can now call mobile phones and landlines

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Microsoft premiered Skype for Web last year in order to make communication easier for people not using their own computers, or for those who didn’t have the desktop client installed. And while Skype for Web already contains almost all the major features of its desktop counterpart, Microsoft is working on updates to bring even more abilities to the web version of Skype.

Recently, Microsoft released a new update for Skype for Web that introduces the ability to call mobile phones and landlines directly from a browser. Additionally, the new update brought some more improvements which will make Skype for Web more functional.

Make calls from your browser

If you’ve ever used the desktop version of Skype for calling phones, you’re probably familiar with this feature: it allows you to call any mobile phone or landline in the world. To make calls, you will need Skype credits or have ponied up for a monthly subscription service. Microsoft assures users that this is a cheaper variant than using regular phones, especially when making intercontinental calls.

To buy Skype credits or a monthly subscription, and to check rates for various regions around the world, check out Microsoft’s call rates page. Minutes bought now apply to both the desktop and web versions of the service.

Besides introducing the ability to make international calls, the latest update also brought some other updates. You can now watch YouTube videos directly in your browser without leaving Skype for Web, as well. You can also turn on notifications to always know whenever you receive a message on Skype — even if Skype for Web is not open.

Microsoft promised that this is just a beginning. As the company continues to work on more updates that should arrive in the coming months, users can expect an even better Skype experience while using the web version of the service.


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