Skype Bug Causes Messages to Appear Out of Order on Windows

by Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
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Skype is the most popular messaging software, but despite its massive popularity there are few bugs from time to time. Speaking of software bugs, users report a strange bug with Skype on Windows platform. So what does this bug do, and how does it affect your Skype experience?

Most of us use Skype on daily basis on our smartphones and Windows computers, but according to reports there’s unusual bug present in Windows version of Skype. We have to mention that this bug affects all versions of Windows, but how does this bug work, and is it harmful to your computer?

Microsoft is Working on the Solution for this Skype Problem

According to the reports, this bug affects Windows users that are running version of Skype on Windows, but fortunately for you, this bug isn’t harmful and it doesn’t affect your computer or your safety in any way. Only thing that this bug does is making your messages appear out of order sometimes. In most cases your chat experience will remain unaffected, but sometimes you may see that some messages are appearing where they shouldn’t in your conversation. This isn’t really a problem in most cases, but it’s a slight inconvenience.

Luckily Microsoft is already working on the solution, and so far only workaround is to download and install the previous version from here. As for the official patch, it should be released soon, but there’s no information regarding its release, but we expect to see it in few days, so you may want to keep up with the latest updates.

As you can see, this isn’t a harmful bug, but it can affect your Skype experience while chatting with your Skype contacts. Other parts of Skype, such as voice calls are such aren’t affected by this bug and they are working as planned. As we said, we expect to see this bug patched soon, but until this issue is fixed, you’ll have to endure it, or revert the the previous version of Skype.

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