Skype for Business SDK for mobile available now

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Microsoft announced its Skype for Business SDK for mobile devices earlier this year, an initiative designed to help business owners integrate Skype audio, video, and chat into their apps on the native level.

The announcement turned many heads as Microsoft looked for a suitable date for an official release. Well, that release is here: it is possible to download the Skype for Business SDK for mobile tool right now. For now, though, developers will only be able to integrate Skype audio, video, and chat into their Android and iOS apps.

What about Windows 10 Mobile?

From what Microsoft says, support will be added before the end of 2016.

Microsoft’s intention here is to have companies from around the world rely on Skype for Business to provide their clients with video chat, audio chat, and regular messenger chat.

“Skype for Business will provide MDLIVE with a much more scalable architecture, so we can accommodate even higher volumes of video consults daily,” said Randy Parker, founder and CEO of MDLIVE. “The adoption of Skype for Business also enables us to deliver a significantly improved user experience for both patients and physicians.”

The main focus of this preview is to power “remote advisor” solutions that should enable mobile and consumer apps to communicate with Skype for Business.

At the moment, Microsoft is not quite there yet, seeing as the platform is fresh and doesn’t have enough business users up and running. However, if everything goes according to plan, things should work out for the best in the coming months and years.

The Skype for Business App SDK Preview is available right here as a free download. Microsoft would love to have your feedback in order to make the experience much better than it is right now, so check it out.