Cortana is now an AI-powered bot that can run errands for you in Skype

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Skype Cortana AI bot

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It’s been a couple of years since Microsoft launched its very own assistant, Cortana, which it has since incorporated in its entire product lineup, including Windows 10.

Starting now, Microsoft will be fully integrating Cortana into Skype.In fact, the Skype preview for iOS and Android came with a Cortana bot that was pinned by default and to which users could assign it tasks.

Skype Cortana AI bot

Image source: WindowsCentral

Apart from the iOS and Android preview, we have also seen Skype implementation as a helper object embedded within the chat windows. Cortana can be suggestive as well, and offer template responses to the messages. However, if you wish to, you can chat exclusively with Cortana by “Turning on suggestions.”

Moreover, users will be able to add Cortana to a chat. This can be done by selecting the “+” button and swiping the screen left. That being said, the implementation is half-baked since it’s just a preview build. Yet another glaring downside is that integration doesn’t include Cortana Notebook, which means that it can neither access your personal information or calendar. As of now, Cortana seems more of an AI-powered bot that will run errands for you in Skype.

Needless to say, Cortana integration with Skype is pretty basic right now but will definitely change in the future, especially once Microsoft starts integrating APIs. That being said, Windows Central has confirmed the new feature is already up and running on Android, iOS and Skype Desktop Preview for Windows, appearing only for those who have updated Skype to the latest version.

Despite being available for non-preview users, we are still not sure if Microsoft will go ahead with a full fledged Cortana-Skype integration. Interestingly, Microsoft has once again decided to ditch the  Windows 10 Mobile (Universal Windows Program.) It’s most likely that Cortana will be turned on via a server side switch.



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