Skype was down worldwide, Microsoft didn’t hurry to fix the problem

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Microsoft recently reported that its internet communication service, Skype, stopped working for many people across the globe. According to the company, most problems occurred in USA, UK, and some parts of Europe and Asia.

The outage occurred yesterday when a large number of users reported that they were unable to connect to Skype. Social media aggregator DownDetector reported the rise in complaints from users on social media about Skype problems over the past 24 hour. Most problems were reported yesterday at 9PM and numbered more than a thousand.

According to DownDetector, more than a half of all reported problems were related to log-ins, but a fair share of users also experienced problems with making calls and sending text messages.

Microsoft solves the majority of issues

Skype problems caught Microsoft’s attention shortly after being reported. The company acknowledged the issue and promised a solution. However, it looks like Microsoft started addressing the issue and Skype should be back to everyone soon.

Here’s what the company said on  the updated Skype forum post:

“We have mitigated the issue. Services should be back for everyone soon!”

At the moment of writing this post, DownDetector shows no problems with Skype. This means Microsoft indeed addressed the majority of problems and affected users should be able to use Skype normally from now on. If you’re still encountering any sort of Skype issue, the problem will be resolved soon.

Have you been affected by any of the above-mentioned Skype issues? If the answer is positive, is everything alright now? Let us know in the comments below.


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