Skype Insiders can now merge incoming calls into an ongoing call

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Tired of disconnecting calls on Skype? If you are a Skype Insider on Windows 10, you can now merge incoming calls into an ongoing call. Microsoft just brought one of the highly requested features to the Skype desktop application. Do try it out!

As far as we can remember, Skype version 8 was full of bugs and issues. Microsoft is currently working very hard to make the necessary enhancements.

The call merge feature was initially made available to users in a previous Insider release but was quickly retired.  This time Microsoft is bringing it back by making sure that users don’t have to face any bugs and fixes while using the app.

Skype received additional new features

The incoming call merging feature is currently available in the Skype version This feature is definitely going to be beneficial for radio hosts, podcasters and business men who are interested in entertaining multiple people at the same time.

Currently the feature is only available to the users of standalone Skype Insider app for Windows.

Microsoft also introduced a few additional features to the app such as automatic background blurring and call recording in video calls. All the Windows 10, 8 and 7 users can try out the feature by downloading the Skype Insider app.

Microsoft recently enhanced the mood messages in Skype. The feature allows users to choose from a list of corresponding emoticons and mood messages.

Users can also choose their own emoticons and mood message and that emoticon will be visible to everyone along with your contact name in your contact list. User can then hover over the emoticon to view someone’s mood message.

You must be excited for using the feature now. You can visit Microsoft Store to download the app, and if you are not a member of the Window’s Insider program yet you need to join in first.


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