Don’t update your Skype for Windows 10 to avoid clutter

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  • Even if it’s massively popular, Skype doesn’t make users pleased by its most recent updates.
  • They complain about the fact that the panels became too numerous and are less user-friendly.
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Latest Skype for Windows 10 updates

The latest version of Skype for Windows 10 is supposed to be both more reliable and much faster to load than before.

Moreover, this version aims to provide an interactive experience with your friends and coworkers.

Staying in touch with those who matter most to you and securely transferring files is essential. This isn’t what users feel like getting from this update.

Both people with minor visual impairment and regular users are less excited about the latest changes. More precisely, here’s what one user says:

Several latest updates of PC Skype interface made it inaccessible for my almost totally blind relative (he uses NVDA as screen reader).

Why is Skype version 15 less appealing to users?

Skype version 15

Skype used to be all about SkypeOut calling to regular phones and smartphones worldwide, superior sound quality, conference calling, and intuitive features for all users.

The Skype version came with numerous bug fixes and message sync improvements, along with predefined backgrounds for video calls, and a new grid view.

However, such changes are also a sign that the panels became too numerous and less user-friendly for potentially quick navigation. Here are just some of them:

  • Profile – That’s a panel to access and personalize your settings.
  • Chats – That’s a panel to find your chats and favorites.
  • Calls – This one is used for making one-to-one or group calls or getting access to the Dialpad.
  • Contacts – This panel is supposed to let you easily find your contacts, active users, and more.
  • New Chat – You can start a new one-to-one, group, or private conversation from this panel.
  • More – This panel is used to access your settings, get help, and quick feedback.

Finding them involves using various tab and arrow keys, so people are entitled to complain. Voice call applications used to be straightforward.

Chances are to find this detailed guide useful. It shows you how to use Skype in your current browser and feel less confused while doing so.

Are you on the same boat as the other Skype users? Let us know your opinion on the latest changes in the comments area below.

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