Skype Chat now available within Office and OneDrive documents

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In order to make its products more functional and attractive to users, Microsoft developed the idea of increased integration between programs or services. While Cortana is the feature most integrated with other company’s software, there are some more programs now working together.

Most recently, Microsoft introduced the integration of Office and Skype. So from now on, users will be able to chat and talk via Skype while using Office apps like Word or Excel — and all within the document. This includes OneDrive as well, so you’ll be able to chat with other people while browsing your OneDrive content.

As Microsoft explains, using Skype when co-editing the same document will create “a natural, collaborative experience” for people who are working on the document together.

The same goes for OneDrive, as you’re now able to chat and make calls with Skype while going through online folders and content. And since OneDrive and Office are already integrated, the addition of Skype will drastically improve the functionality and performance of both services.

Microsoft has promised even more compatibility options as it plans to improve Skype integration with Outlook, which has already been available for some time, in the coming months.

How to Turn on Skype in Office and OneDrive

Chatting in OneDrive and Office apps is very easy. While a couple of clicks will enable this option, first make sure all your software is up to date. Here’s exactly what you need to do:

  1. Open the same Office document as your friend or colleague.
  2. The names of everyone is on the document will appear in the co-editors section at the top right of the application.
  3. Next to co-editors names, the small Skype button will appear. Click it. office skype integratio
  4. The Skype chat pane will appear. From there, you’ll be able to chat with or call your colleagues just like you would in the Skype desktop client. Office skype integration

And there you go. With just a few clicks, you can start a conversation with other co-editors, saving a lot of time chatting directly with others from the document you’re editing.

Microsoft also said that chat history will be saved for each document, so you can always pick where you left off previously.

This is definitely a welcome addition from Microsoft and we’re sure it will be useful to a lot of people. As we mentioned, Microsoft has promised even more integration options. Let’s wait and see what Redmond has prepared for us next.


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