Skype’s new Send Money PayPal feature doesn’t support Windows Mobile

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Skype is undoubtedly one of the most sought after platform for video calls and messaging. It has been around for several years and Microsoft has been adding new features slowly but steadily. The latest feature to make it to the Skype is the PayPal transfer. Yes, starting from now one can directly send money to their friends on Skype using PayPal.

Windows Mobile is not a priority for Microsoft

The caveat here is that Microsoft has ditched its very own Windows Mobile and instead released the Send Money feature for only Android and iOS. It’s a well-known secret that the number of Windows phones is dwelling every day. However when Microsoft itself is not keen on releasing new features for its operating systems, the plight of other app publishers can only be imagined.

Last year the market share for Windows phone sunk below 1% and this year around it further declined to a paltry 0.3%. The lack of scale will affect the users as the app publisher will take more time to update the app since it will be their last priority.

That being said, it’s not the first time that Microsoft has abandoned its own Windows Mobile. The company has earlier killed a number of other apps including Photosynth and Lumia Camera apps. That’s not all, Microsoft has also been sluggish in incorporating updates for its own apps on the Windows Mobile ecosystem and this has lead to the widening of the app gap problem.

The Send Money feature can be accessed within the chat Window and Skype uses PayPal integration to send the money directly. What this means is that you no more have to login into PayPal account and send money.

The first time you are sending money over Skype the feature will ask you to confirm your location. This is because the Send Money feature is currently supported only in 22 countries. Before initiating the transfer one needs to link their PayPal account on Skype, all of this happens in minutes and your money will be transferred to the recipient’s account. In order to access this feature update to the latest Skype version and also ensure that the sender has his PayPal account linked with the Skype.



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