Skype for Windows 10 brings SMS support and a new group video call interface

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Many people might not have realized this, but Skype has been in Preview mode for a year now. The software in question is not the regular Windows program that has been used for over a decade, but the Windows 10 app with the same name.

Now, after that year, Skype has finally taken its Windows 10 app out of Preview mode, which means that there are no more barriers between the Win32 version of Skype and the Windows 10, app-integrated version except for some aesthetic differences.

There’s a tough choice ahead

Many people have grown with the Win32 application and are finding it hard to give it up for the shiny new Windows 10 app. That being said, a real power struggle is forecasted here with no one knowing the outcome. It might just be that Microsoft will continue to provide both forms of Skype available and users will be free to pick whichever is better for them.

What to expect from the patch

That being said, there are also new features that were added to version of Skype. Here is the rundown of what can be expected from the latest version of the popular communications app.

  • The app’s settings section will now feature a toggle which will allow users to turn the ability for Skype to monitor a user’s PC contacts. It is up to the user now whether or not Skype gets access to that information.
  • The ability to search for specific messages has also been added. This might be similar how users of the Facebook Messenger app can locate specific messages with the help of a search bar and filtering options.
  • Further implementations have also occurred, seeing Skype receive an array of updates or modifications to a lot of its feature.

With the passing of the Windows 10 Skype into “full version” mode, it will be interesting to see how the market reacts to the new version and if competitors will feel a stronger competition.



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