Skype finally gets Together Mode in one-on-one calls from Teams

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • Although everybody now uses Teams as their main means of communication, Microsoft is not yet down with Skype.
  • The Redmond tech company decided to add to Skype a feature that was recently added to Teams, called Together Mode.
  • This feature has been added to 1:1 calls and it comes as support for users that haven't moved on to a different app.
  • Through version 8.67, Skype also got a bunch of other new features, among which is Large Grid Mode, for bigger meetings.
skype together mode

Even though Skype is far from its golden days, and Microsoft will no longer embed it as a default app, it seems that they’re no truly done with the popular app yet.

Furthermore, with the constant popularity growth that Teams keeps getting, Skype is becoming somewhat of a forgotten platform, a shadow of what it once was.

With all this being said, Microsoft still believes that Teams and Skype can co-exist and provide different functionality to users, at least for the time being.

Microsoft is givint Skype the Together Mode feature

As you most likely know by now,

With Together mode, this feature can make members and meeting participants appear as if they are in the same location.

As you might know, the feature was originally introduced to Teams in July 2020, becoming later available to Android and Skype users.

But, on Skype, the feature was limited to only large meetings. Now, Microsoft is expanding this ability so that users can take advantage of Together mode even on 1:1 calls on Skype.

So, now Microsoft decided to add this feature to Skype as well, through version 8.67. Together Mode is one of a handful of new features available to various versions of Skype.

The Redmond tech giant stated that the general belief is that Together Mode will help organizations and make meetings feel more real.

At first, Microsoft released Together Mode with an auditorium view but it since has added other options like coffee shops.

Some of the other features that the tech company included in Skype 8.67 are Large Grid Mode, which enables users to see everyone’s video stream simultaneously, as well as an option to add people to an ongoing Skype call using their phone number.

Together with the above-mentioned features, we will receive more predefined backgrounds and categories.

It will be interesting to see what will happen to Skype moving forward. For the time being, it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, but it is hard to see how it can co-exist and compete with Teams in the long run.

More so, now that Microsoft has decided to bundle Teams with Windows 11, which means that they are ready to move on and retire some of the old chapters in their history.

These new additions will surely come in handy for those of us that still rely on skype for communication. But, if this pandemic has proved anything is the fact that people are ready to move on to Teams.

It doesn’t really matter what we use, as long as we get the desired results. And, at some point, Teams will probably have the same fate as Skype, becoming obsolete and being replaced by new software.

Are you still a Skype user? If so, what is your opinion on these new features being added? Let us know in the comments section below.

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