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Microsoft is preparing a new Skype Universal app for Windows 10, announcing that the new app should arrive in the coming weeks via its official Skype blog. The new app will be available first to Windows Insiders before making its way to a general release later.

Last year, Microsoft introduced two separate apps based on known Skype features: Skype Messaging and Skype Video. People wondered why Microsoft would decide to release such apps as each of these features were already available within the Skype for Desktop app. In its blog post, Redmond provided an answer, chalking up both of the app’s release to testing purposes. Namely, Microsoft released a separate app for each piece of functionality to analyze how it would perform on Windows 10. Now that the testing is done, the company will release the fully-featured Universal app.

Both of these apps proved to not function so well on Windows 10, as users constantly reported various crashes and bugs while using either of the apps. So, we’re not sure if Microsoft is ready to release the Skye Universal app. On the other hand, it’s been a while since Microsoft introduced Skype Video and Skype Messaging, so there’s a possibility that Microsoft has been working on improvements and bug fixes this entire time.

At one point, Microsoft had the Metro version of Skype for Windows 8 available, but like the entire Metro environment, the app wasn’t well received by users and was discontinued. Since then, many things have changed since both Windows 8 and its Metro environment so we hope the new Skype Universal app will have better results.

Skype Universal app features

Besides announcing the app, Microsoft also revealed the features of the Skype Universal. The UWP version will contain all the main features of the Desktop app. Users will be able to sign in with their Microsoft account, change the availability status, send direct messages, make calls and video calls, and more.

Here’s the full list of Skype Universal app features:

  • Sign in with your Microsoft Account and link a Skype ID
  • Show and change your availability
  • See a list of your existing Skype contacts
  • Initiate a chat with anyone in your contact list
  • See that the other person is typing
  • Logout
  • Make one-to-one voice and video calls and send messages
  • Personalize your experience with emoticons and Mojis
  • Send photos
  • See notifications for incoming calls and messages outside of the app
  • Participate in existing group chats

skype uwp app windows 10

Additionally, Microsoft promised even more features to come with the coming versions of the app:

  • Start a chat with anyone using Skype or not using Skype
  • Create a group and send group messages
  • Group voice and video calling
  • Share your screen, files and video messages
  • Manage notifications from individual chats
  • And much more…

Tell us in the comments: are you excited to try the new Skype Universal app or would you rather stick with your Desktop client?


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