Skype update for Chrome brings Twitter and Gmail integration

by Radu Tyrsina
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Frequent users of Microsoft’s iconic communications app Skype are probably thrilled by the Google Chrome integration available through the Skype extension for the browser. Now, a new update includes new ways users can simplify their tasks.

Based around being able to get things done in just one click, the extension will now allow users to swiftly enhance emails and calendar marked dates with Skype call links. The same thing goes for social media content.

The Skype extension brings all services together

Microsoft’s endgame here is to bring Skype to as many people as it can, which can sometimes mean crossing paths with Google itself in the sense that it is now providing support for Twitter, one of Google’s competitors. Other than that, the new update improves support for Google services such as Gmail, Inbox, Calendar and even Outlook.

There’s a chance users might get spammed

Beyond the Google-as-a-rival aspect of it, implementing support for Twitter has raised quite a few eyebrows. This is because the extension will now allow users to seamlessly add a call link for Skype into tweets. And considering how messages branch out on social media websites that might be an open invitation for a lot of people to constantly call in.

Here’s what Skype had to say about the new features added to the Skype extension for Google Chrome:

At Skype, we’re constantly working to develop new ways to help you make connections with friends, family and coworkers easy and natural.

With this in mind, we are expanding our Skype extension for Google Chrome to enable Skype integration across more of the online tools you use every day, including calendars, email, and even social media. With the latest update of the Skype extension for Chrome, you can create and insert Skype call links with just one click or tap, from right within your email, calendar item, or tweet.

This new extension update is a good opportunity for both current and new users. Those that have already installed the extension just need to update it but those that haven’t had the chance yet can take advantage of this occasion to do so.


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