Skype Universal app for Windows 10 updated with dark mode and multiple account support

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Microsoft just released a new update for Skype UWP Preview for Windows 10. The update allows users to change to a dark theme and use multiple Skype accounts. As you probably know, the Skype UWP Preview is only available to Windows Insiders, so regular Windows 10 users are still unable to download it.

This update was introduced in Windows 10 Preview build 14342 and was planned to arrive along with that build. However, the release of the update was delayed, arriving nearly a week after the build was released. Microsoft originally said that the update will be available just one day after the build was released, but it turned out to be six days.

The update changed the app version from 11.3.119 to

Just set the dark theme

The main highlight of this Skype UWP Preview version is dark theme support. To enable dark mode, you don’t have to do anything within the app. All you have to do is to set the system’s theme to dark and the app’s theme will automatically change. There’s no option to turn on/off the dark mode just for Skype UWP Preview, unfortunately. If you’re not sure how to change Windows 10’s theme to dark, check out this article.

As for a multiple accounts support, all you need to do is to sign in with another account. Once you have two or more accounts connected with your Skype UWP Preview app, you can easily switch between accounts without logging out from any of them.

Skype UWP Preview for Windows 10 is for now only available to members of Windows 10’s Insider program. This is completely reasonable since the app needs a lot more work to be ready for its commercial release. We expect Microsoft’s development team to fully polish it until summer, at which point it will be made available to regular users with the next major update for Windows 10, the Anniversary Update.



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