Users say Slack servers are down for a lot of them

by Vladimir Popescu
Vladimir Popescu
Vladimir Popescu
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  • Users have reported that Slack can not be used in a variety of countries that span from Europe to Asia.
  • Issues include connectivity problems, lagging transfer speeds, and even the inability to connect to the servers entirely.
  • Both the Slack application, the web app, and mobile applications have been affected by issues.

In case you use Slack for your work, or simply to communicate with your family and friends, the last 24 hours didn’t offer a very good experience.

Some users have reported that they can’t log into their Slack account no matter what they tried, while others say that the connection is weak even if they manage to connect to the servers.

In our case, in order to ensure that the problem is not caused by local issues, we cleared caches, restarted two different devices with both Windows 11 and Windows 10 OS installed, and even checked the Android app.

When it comes to logging in from a PC, we tried using both the app and the website, with the same bad results.

When it comes to the Android app, even though the application itself runs, the status of the connected profile cannot be changed to active.

As you can see from the image above, the error that appears at the bottom of the screen reads Unable to update status.

Is Slack down for everybody?

From what information we could gather by checking the DownDetector comments section, it seems that the connection problems are mostly appearing in the western part of Europe, but users in Poland, India, and other countries have experienced issues as well.

The level at which users are affected doesn’t seem to vary only geographically but also in the exact effects that were reported.

Some people can’t log in to their accounts on any platform, others report lagging on iOS, and some experience lagging in the web application as well, with sluggish file transfer speeds and big loading times.

What can I do about this issue?

Considering that is mostly a server-side issue, there is not much that you can try in order to resolve this problem.

What is recommended is that you refresh the Twitter Slack webpage throughout the day to check for any updates on the situation from the team itself.