Slack for Windows 10 update enables sandbox web security

by Don Sharpe
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  • Slack for Windows 10 has a sandbox security update that makes it safer to use on the web.
  • The latest version also brings a couple of bug fixes.
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Slack for Windows 10 has a security update that makes it safer to use on the web. The business communication SaaS platform also offers a couple of bug fixes to its 12 million plus daily users.

The new Slack for Windows 10 sandbox update

One of the key highlights of Slack version 4.6.0 is the ability to protect all web content with the app sandbox.

These days, many applications, including operating systems, use sandboxing to create an environment in which only certain code can run. Windows 10 Sandbox is a perfect example.

The creators of Slack said that the cloud-based platform was already secure prior to the latest security update. But the added feature makes it safer to use.

Additionally, the upgraded Slack app lets users assign a unique directory to store each download. The enhancement is ideal to those who prefer not to indiscriminately lump all downloaded content in a single location.

  • The app sandbox is now enabled for all web content. This is a fancy way of saying we’ve dialed up the security of the app. It wasn’t unsafe before, but it’s double safe now.
  • A preference that allows you to choose a unique save location per download, instead of choosing a folder for all of them. For the choosy types.

Slack bug fixes

Slack 4.6.0 comes with the following fixes and improvements:

  • Workspace supports better organization of Action Center notifications.
  • The update eliminates a problem affecting the process of adding a workspace for the first time through a browser.
  • If you installed the app from the MSL files, the Launch on login option would display the wrong value. This update fixes the issue.
  • It fixes a hardware media key problem. The issue affected Spotify users when trying to play a song by pressing the keyboard’s play key.
  • Better CPU performance when accessing specific network error pages.
  • Slack now shows an in-app prompt on the completion of any download.

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