Sling TV treats Windows 10 and Xbox One users with Cloud DVR

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Sling TV

There are a lot of people that use Sling TV and think it’s a great app. There isn’t a single person that would say no to an update regardless of the state in which the app currently is. Luckily for Sling TV users, that update has arrived and contains quite a few valuable additions to the list of features. Let’s take a look at what the Sling TV app has received in its newest update and how users stand to benefit from the most recent features.

Both Windows 10 and Xbox One users have been pleasantly surprised with a new feature that brings Cloud DVR to each respective platform. This is provided by the Sling TV app and gives Microsoft’s customers access to a pretty sweet deal.

The new Cloud DVR feature will let Windows and Xbox users buy DVR storage and for as little as $5 every month, users can get 50 hours worth of DVR storage. Not just that, but now both Microsoft platforms will facilitate the management of users’ recording. This includes not just watching but also scheduling and also managing recordings.

Organize into groups

Thanks to another recent implementation from Sling TV, users are also able to put their shows and whatnot into groups, which makes it much more convenient. The app is really serious about allowing users to manage their activities and recording with shows as a whole, so for instance when users want to record a show and they can do so from the franchise screen of that show. This includes some other perks as well, such as being able to immediately see episodes on demand or schedule a recording for an episode that hasn’t come out yet.

Performance tweaks

The recently added features are heavily based on convenience and efficiency, providing the best experience for users. However, that’s not to say that users haven’t received their fair share of performance tweaks as well. The new update comes with such tweaks that provide better quality and stability for the platform.

With performance getting a boost, it’s the best time to pick up the Sling TV app especially if you’re a frequent user of one of the two platforms. No matter if you’re always on your Xbox One or spend more time on your Windows 10 computer, it’s easier than ever to organize shows and manage recordings.


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