Who wants to see the world’s smallest Windows 10 ultrabook?

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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GPD P2 Max windows 10 ultrabook

GPD is all set to launch the crowdfunding campaign for its mini-laptop named GPD P2 Max.

The Chinese company believes that this product can compete with some of the most popular devices available on the market, including Apple’s MacBook. 

This ultrabook attracted many eyeballs due to the ongoing promotions started by the manufacturer. Let’s have a quick look at the technical specifications of the product to find out if it’s worth buying it. 

GPD P2 Max key specs

As far as the size is concerned, the ultrabook is available in the same size as the iPad Mini 4. Moreover, the P2 Max weighs only 650g.

GPD claims that the device is fast enough to grab the attention of the consumer market. The specifications prove that P2 Max features a better display as compared to the devices released in the past. GPD designed the keyboard in a unique style that might impress potential buyers. 

GPD P2 Max features two USB-A ports, a touch screen and an active cooling mechanism. Furthermore, the device is powered by Windows 10 Home OS. 

Some users are already excited to buy the Windows-powered mini-laptop. 

You don’t always want a massive device in your lap, but more importantly, you don’t always want a massive device in your bag.  This device can fit easily in a small bag or purse, which is another reason I plan to buy one. I have an 11″ Chromebook but it’s still hard to fit in some of my bags and I’m restricted to Linux there, when I sometimes need to use Windows only software for work. 

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GPD P2 pricing details

As mentioned before, GPD says that the performance of P2 Max will impress buyers to buy their desired variant. The ultrabook will be available in three variants.

Each of them features different specifications in terms of CPU, RAM, SSD and price. 

Sr. No CPU RAM SSD Price
1 Intel 8100Y 16GB 1TB To be announced
2 Intel 8100Y 16GB 512GB $705
3 Intel 3965Y 8GB 256GB $529

The GPD is going to start its crowdfunding campaign by the end of this month. You can check out some exciting comparisons available on the Indiegogo page