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by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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  • SmartWindows is an amazing application used by those that share their PCs with others.
  • It's also great for those that use an entirely different set of programs when working, gaming, watching movies, and more.
  • We will be looking over what SmartWindows is, what it does, and whether you should try it.
  • Once you're done reading about it, you can also download and try it out completely free!

Controlled access over one computer that facilitates multiple users – this is the reason why Windows profiles exist. 

Instead of accumulating multiple apps and tools on one profile or screen, how awesome it would be if every user could arrange their favorite programs on their customized profile and eliminate the overhead of switching between multiple applications?

This is exactly what SmartWindows does!

SmartWindows is a one-stop solution to manage your desktop and applications the way you want. It is productivity software that helps you arrange your Windows according to your choice, reduce excess switches, and give your more hands at work. 

What does SmartWindows do?

SmartWindows is a lightweight tool that helps you configure your windows in just the right places and sizes and then restore them at the click of a button.

What makes SmartWindows stand out is its capability of allowing unlimited profiles on one PC. With this, you can switch to your office or work set up on a separate profile. You can set up a profile for your kids and make your computer highly arranged accordingly. No more unnecessary switches with SmartWindows.

Despite this, the program is incredibly useful, using up very few system resources, and residing quietly in the Taskbar when you don’t actively use it.

Features of SmartWindows

The centerpiece of SmartWindows functionality is the profiles that it creates, and a full license will grant you access to an unlimited number of profiles so that your PC can be perfectly set up for everything you need, like gaming, work, watching movies, etc.

SmartWindows profiling system also solves the problem of forgetting what tabs you had opened since it also saves and restores browser URLs and applications.

It supports MS Office files as well. If you forget to save your office files, no problem, SmartWindows restores your applications where you left them.

Not only that, the applications that it restores during profile swap will also be set to the exact same position and size as when they were saved, and saves your time that you unknowingly spend on opening and arranging tabs on your desktop as you did previously.

Try it before you buy it

Everyone loves a freebie, and SmartWindows offers one in the form of a free 30-day trial period during which users can test out the program including all of its features.

After the 30-day trial expires, users that don’t have a purchased license yet will be reverted to a free version of the program which is available for an unlimited amount of time, although with certain limitations:

Features Free Paid
Save & Restore Profiles
Number of Profiles Up to 3 Unlimited
Multi-Display Support 1 display Up to 6 displays
Intelligent Application Positioning
Multi-Browser & Tab Support (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) Microsoft Edge
MS Office Files Support (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project)
Notepad, WordPad Files Support
Free Updates & New Features Security updates and fixes


Easily switch between profiles and go from work to gaming mode with a single click with SmartWindows!

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This brief overview of SmartWindows covers up its functions and features that could help you be highly productive at work.

Sometimes we unwittingly spend so much time switching between applications, restoring browser tabs, searching for hacks to restore the work, placing the application at our desired places and so much more. 

Simply, SmartWindows does it all for you with just one click. Work smart, not hard! Get a 30-day free trial now!

Will you be trying out this amazing tool? Let us know where you think it will be most useful by leaving us your feedback and opinions in the comments section below.

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