Sniper Elite 4 issues: game freezes, pre-order items missing, and more

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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Sniper Elite 4 is now available on both the Xbox One and Windows PC. This game is the largest and most advanced World War 2 shooter ever built. You’ll experience tactical third-person combat, gameplay choice and epic battles. Your mission: to liberate wartime Italy from the grip of Fascism.

Creating a stable and reliable game for PC is always a challenging task due to the wide variety of hardware configurations. Players report that Sniper Elite 4 is affected by a series of technical issues on both PC and Xbox One.

Sniper Elite 4 reported bugs

Download stuck

Quite a significant number of players report they can’t even download the game. The download process suddenly stops at a certain point, and won’t advance irrespective of how long they wait.

I pre-loaded yesterday to download it. Expected to be able to play this AM but download stuck on 94% and nothing seems to be happening. Cleared the cache and that doesn’t seem to work either.

Sniper Elite 4 won’t launch

Other players can’t launch the game. When they hit the play button, nothing actually happens.

Reinstalled the game, same thing happens. The launcher appears but when you click play, nothing happens. Even the green ingame steam color goes back to blue.

Sniper Elite 4 freezes

Gamers also report that Sniper Elite freezes, and the only option to somehow ‘fix’ this problem is to simply restart the computer.

Well i have been playing this for a few hours and i am guessing its game day start up bugs. […] I have a number of game frezzes which went along with several restarts of my pc.

Low FPS and other graphics issues

Well, it appears Sniper Elite 4’s graphics quality leaves a bit to be desired at the moment. Players report that the game is affected by severe stuttering, limiting the gaming experience.

Looks horrible on anything else than “Ultra”, that´s why I don´t really enjoy it atm. And i have some weird sound stuttering, although all drivers are up to date. But hey, it´s launch day and things will get better with some patches and fixes.

Some players even report that their frame rate goes from a steady 90-95 frames down to 10 FPS every 20-30 seconds. This basically makes the game unplayable.

Audio issues

Players also report that Sniper Elite 4 is affected by horrible audio issues. As a quick workaround, you can try restarting the game, as players confirm this action temporarily solves the problem.

I played through 2 & a half missions with headphones setting with no issues, however one time I launched the game the audio had horrible quality. Restarting it fixed that.

Pre-order items missing

Players who pre-ordered Sniper Elite 4 should receive additional game content, but these items are missing for many of them.

Same here. I bought the deluxe edition but don’t have the pre order stuff either, hope this gets fixed soon!

Have you played Sniper Elite 4? How has you gaming experience been so far? Use the comment section  below to tell us more about it.


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I’ve just got a copy of this game and it won’t launch looks like I’ll just throw it in the fire I am having tonight.

PS4 works fine, se4 will not install the portion that allows online play.
The frustrating part is that for a week on the initial install, it played fine, then just started not going and giving the error message ” this portion not installed….”

why only 8 mission and not 10. I do not have compound or railyard. I have a PS4. Service record shows 10 but mission select shows 8.

Game looks like a dream, but i’ve gone down to low settings just to get rid of the stuttering and (sometimes eventual) lockup, and still no dice! I’ve gone into task manager to see whats up, and even that freezes up sometimes. I have to wait for at least 10-15 minutes just so that my PC goes back to normal operations again. This game is broken…to put it crudely.

Got the deluxe edition. Camo rifle keeps disappearing in
My hands. The actual graphic just isn’t there. Either in the loadout section- or when it should actually be in his hands. Bizarre. Shoots fine, but just looks silly with him holding a gun that isn’t there.

If you cannot play it off-line and it contains hacker protection that slows it down, you keep it. For the amount of hours, you will get playing it and the new greedy large price it is not worth the cash and a company that became greedy.

Why the hell do i only have 8 missions insted of 10,?mean common what a letdown,got it 2 days ago in plstore deluxe.i have the target furher done that but obviously was suspose to be done after the other 2 missions i dont have and possibly ruind the game for me

Bought PS4 version. Hangs up after you kill the first natzi. Took the game back to store and exchanged it. Same thing happened. Wrote a note to Rebellion Publishers to let them know there are PS4 bugs in the program. Have not heard back from them. Great opening cut scene then the player freezes up after the first kill. I enjoyed SE 3, don’t know what happened here with SE 4.

Game runs superb on ps4, good game, hitler dlc is good this time round ,the base is vast, rifle skins are naff tho,…….gliches are hilarious, i`ve got a tap dancing seagull in mid air, and a guy with his leg round his neck, it is only a game remember……great fun shooter, the biggest sniper elite yet, but i still play the first one on pc and original xbox…

I think sniper2 is the best. I get upset with software companies that put out games with bugs. My Sniper 4 on my widows 7 PC crashes. The only solution appears to be a re-start. Which is okay until the next crash.

I just bought the game for Xbox One and it wont even show up.
I can’t even begin installing it because it doesn’t show in “My games & apps”.
Hopefully the problem is fixed soon

I have only 8 missions on my Sniper Elite, I bought dlc and cant even start it, it redirects me to playstation store where it says it has been purchased already. I have no new campaign missions at all. I am so disappointed.

I just got the game and now Im stuck because the second level wont load (the one with the coughing dude). On top of that none of my pre-order stuff is showing up even though it shows installed.

Continuous lockups. Spent $89 for a game that isn’t ready. I have all the latest drivers, have tried lower settings, l let Nvidia recommended settings run. I’m totally frustrated and feel ripped off!