4 of the best software to open all types of files on Windows 10

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There are many different types of files that you can open with multiple categories of software. For example, image editors open photo and graphic files, word processors open document (or text) files, PDF software opens PDFs and presentation applications open slideshows. Most software packages are typically restricted to opening one or two types of files, but support numerous formats for their file types. For example, most photo editors open JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and other image formats.

Universal file openers (UFOs) are a rare breed of software that open (or display) a wide variety of different file types. They are programs that support a universal range of file types and most of their various file formats. Note that universal file openers are typically restricted to opening files only, so most of them include only limited editing options if any. So a universal file opener is not a Word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, database, video editor and image editor application rolled into one!

Even though universal file openers generally lack editing options, it’s still worth adding one to Windows. If you can’t open a file with its default software, a UFO will probably open it. Furthermore, with a universal file opener installed you won’t need so many programs to open alternative file types. These are some of the best software with which to open all types of files.

Universal file opener software for your PC


File Viewer Plus 2


File Viewer Plus 2 is a UFO with which you can open more than 300 file formats. This is a flexible file viewer that also comes with a batch conversion utility for converting files to alternative formats. File Viewer Plus 2 is retailing at a discounted $29.95 on the publisher’s website, and it’s compatible with Windows platforms from XP to 10.

File Viewer Plus 2 users can open a wide range of file types, such as presentation, text, spreadsheet, video, audio, archive, email, web, PDF and source code. The great thing about File Viewer Plus 2 is that it’s a little more than just a file viewer as you can also edit text, web, spreadsheet and image files. FVP 2 includes a few image-editing options for cropping, borders, color adjustment and quick effects, and the software is also a relatively basic word processor and spreadsheet application. As mentioned, File Viewer Plus 2 is batch file converter; and you can also utilize it to extract archive files, such as ZIP, RAR, 7Z, TAZ, etc.

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File Viewer Lite


File Viewer Lite is the freeware alternative to File Viewer Plus 2 from the same publisher. As such, this software is a file viewer only. You can run the program on Windows platforms from XP to 10. Press the Free Download button on this webpage to add the software to Windows.

File Viewer Lite supports more than 150 file formats natively for various file types. You can open document, audio, presentation, font, web, image, camera raw, spreadsheet, video and audio file types with this universal file opener. The software provides alternative native, hex, text and icon views for file contents and additional file info that you can export to text files. File Identifier, which identifies unknown files types, is also bundled with File Viewer Lite.


Universal Viewer

Universal Viewer is an intuitive universal file opener that can open most file types and formats. The software has a freeware and Pro version retailing at $26. There is not so much of a difference between them except that the Pro version includes image conversion options, supports RAW images and includes a preinstalled PDF plugin. Note that the freeware version doesn’t open MS Office documents with formatting included unless you have MS Office or one of the program’s Lister plug-ins installed. You can click Zip package on this page to download the freeware Universal Viewer.

Universal Viewer users can open an extensive range of image, audio and video formats along with spreadsheets, PDFs, text documents and web file types; but the software doesn’t support presentation files. However, you can extend the software’s file type support with Lister plug-ins.

The software provides various viewing modes for its users, which include word wrap and encoding for text and center picture and EXIF for images. Viewer also includes a few flip, rotate, grayscale and sepia image-editing options. Another good thing about UV is that it includes extensive UI, hotkey and file display customization options on its settings window.


Ultra File Opener

ultra file opener

Ultra File Opener is software that boasts support for more than 500 file formats. The software is compatible with 32 and 64-bit Windows platforms from XP up to 10. The full registered version is available at $29.99. However, you can also try out an unregistered version by pressing the Download Now button on the software’s homepage.

This universal file opener supports an extensive range of formats for text, image, audio, video and archive file types. However, you can’t open spreadsheet, PDF, web or presentation files with Ultra File Opener. So this program opens fewer types of files than some of the alternatives, but it does include a few handy extra tools.

For instance, you can extract archive files with the software, convert file formats and it includes a download manager with which users can resume downloads. Furthermore, Ultra File Opener also provides extensive print settings for text and image documents with photo-printing templates included.

Those are four universal file viewers for Windows with which you can open a multitude of file formats for most file types, and they also include some handy additional options and tools. File Viewer 2 is the best of the bunch as it includes more extensive editing options for text, spreadsheet and image files than the others. Aside from the above listed UFO software, you can also open numerous file types and formats with the DocsPal web app.


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