South Korean Authorities Could Replace Windows XP with Ubuntu

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We know that official support for Windows XP ends on April 8, 2014 but we don’t know what happens after that. Many will upgrade to Windows 7 and Windows 8 but some South Korean officials think Ubuntu is a better choice. More details below.
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Back in September, we were sharing with you the news that the Munich municipality was looking to distribute free Ubuntu CDs to Windows XP users, so that they would have an alternative once support for Windows XP has ended. Now, a new report from BusinessKorea suggests that South Korean authorities are analyzing the possibility of replacing Windows XP with Ubuntu.

A software industry source from South Korea that the publication is citing said the following:

Ubuntu does not support as wide an array of programs like Windows but is easy to install, and has evolved into a highly sophisticated program. PC users today do not need clunky packaged software. In a desktop environment today, users can perform most of the tasks with the aid of a simple browser.

Of course, the strongest point of choosing Ubuntu is the fact that the software is absolutely free. Ubuntu is the most mainstream and popular of all Linux distributions and is receiving frequent updates from the developer. However, replacing Windows XP with Ubuntu is not an easy task, being given the differences between the two systems.

But, the amount of money that the South Korean authorities would have to invest in training rather than buying Windows licenses would obviously be much smaller. Eventually, Windows 7 will have the same fate as Windows XP, sooner or later, so many government organizations and enterprises now have to make the choice of going Linux or Windows.


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