Spectrum Internet connection is down affecting thousands

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  • Spectrum is one of the biggest Internet and TV providers in US.
  • More than a thousand subscribers reported Internet connection problems all over the country.
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Spectrum Internet is down

If  you’re living in the US, you know more about Spectrum, the Internet, and TV streaming provider.

Update 09.18: Spectrum services are down again, leaving thousands of Americans without an Internet connection.

Another day, same hour, same problem. More than 2.300 reports are pouring in from all over the country on Downdetector.com complaining about the lack of Internet:

This is ridiculously too much we spend too much on this too have this many outages in a week and now 2 day without this is outrageous!!!!

Spectrum Internet connection is down

If you’re a Spectrum subscriber there’s nothing wrong with your computer. It’s their Internet service that is malfunctioning at present.

According to Downdetector.com, the service has been having issues for several hours now:

It doesn’t seem to be an isolated incident since, as you can see from this graph, Spectrum services have been having a lot of issues all through the last day.

Some users also complain about persistent and recurrent issues:

I live in Huntington Park CA and it’s been down since Saturday afternoon, it comes back like around 10pm, sometimes it’s slow, but then goes out again around 10am and doesn’t come back till late at night, 5 days of this now

Other users also called technical teams for repairs:

2.94 download in Hayden Idaho. I pay for 400. Had Techs out no less than a dozen times over the last six years. Suffice it to say we can’t wait until TDS fiber finally gets installed this winter.

As you can see from the outage map below, the reports are coming from all over US.

Unfortunately, the last Spectrum outage was this time for the TV services happening on September 4th.

If you already experience Spectrum packet loss, here’s an expert guide on how to fix that problem.

How do you feel about this situation? If you have been affected by this outage leave us a message in the comments section below. We will keep an eye on this problem and keep you posted.

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