Personalize your gaming soundtrack on the Xbox one with Spotify

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The greatest gaming experiences essentially have one thing in common: a fantastic soundtrack. A great soundtrack can get gamers fired up for the next challenge.

On the Xbox’s official page there’s some good news saying that Spotify is coming to Xbox One. Xbox gamers have been requesting this feature for a long time and now their dream came true. Using Spotify on the Xbox one will make every single session unique.

Spotify is available on Xbox on 34 markets

Spotify is available on the Xbox One in 34 markets throughout the world. Thanks to this integration, millions of Xbox One users can now choose the perfect music from Spotify to get a great new gaming soundtrack every time.

All you have to do is download Spotify from the Xbox Store to choose your personalized gaming experience. You can now choose from your own list of music, or you can search the full Spotify catalog of 30 million tracks. You can also browse the pre-curated gaming playlist in the Gaming hub.

Whether you are a free or a Premium Spotify user, you can play your music on demand with your Xbox One controller. In case you are worried that your game will stop due to Spotify, you can relax because that’s not going to happen. You also have the ability to control playback on your Xbox wirelessly from the Spotify app on your phone, desktop or tablet via Spotify connect.

Thanks to Spotify, creating your custom soundtrack for your gaming experiences has never been easier.



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