Spotify is heading to the Xbox One, could land later this year

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The Xbox One is one of the most popular gaming consoles around but also a terrific multimedia center which can be used for movies and music, and even surfing the web if you so choose. However, there is one flaw in Microsoft’s design that fans won’t really let pass: Microsoft didn’t manage to get Spotify onto the platform.

Many Xbox One users can think of moments where it would have been great for them to be able to put on some music on their Xbox One console. That wasn’t really possible until now and hopefully the app will be coming to Xbox soon.

So, how do we know it’s coming?

It’s understandable how many people might be skeptical about the legitimacy of this news, since Microsoft failed to bring Spotify to Xbox before. Well, the prime clue in this case is represented by the Microsoft personality Major Nelson. For those that aren’t aware, Major Nelson or by his real name Larry Hryb, is a spokesman and representative for Microsoft and its Xbox console in particular. He’s behind the confirmation.

Did Major Nelson confirm Xbox One Spotify?

Not directly and most likely not intentionally either. But it did in fact happen. The proof of the app coming to the console lies with a picture taken by the owner of a gaming site. In the picture, Major Nelson’s Xbox profile status clearly states that he was in “Spotify Music – for Xbox”. There isn’t much room for debate here, as the message clearly says what this means.

The seed of doubt

Even with such blatant information in front of them, many people will continue to be skeptical about Xbox bringing Spotify to its users. That’s understandable but it’s also important to remember that it wouldn’t actually take a whole lot for the two companies to work together and come with an Xbox version.

The other part of the problem

There is also another detail that has a major impact on today’s story, and that is the fact that year ago, it was revealed by Spotify that they have an exclusivity partnership with PlayStation. That certainly explains why Spotify hasn’t been available on Xbox until now but it doesn’t explain why it suddenly isn’t an obstacle anymore.

While the new information is exciting, there are no dates listed or speculated as to when can Xbox users finally start listening to Spotify on their consoles. Hopefully, the app makes its Microsoft debut before the year is over.



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