Microsoft will release SQL Server 2016 on July 1, 2016

by Radu Tyrsina
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Have you been wondering when Microsoft will fully release SQL Server 2016? According to the software giant, SQL Server 2016 should be generally available come July 1, 2016. This should make for several happy business owners because SQL Server 2016 brings some new tricks to the game.

The new software should make it possible for business owners to develop intelligent apps with the most secure database of all. We should also see some hosting companies adopting SQL Server 2016 in the future but seeing as Linux is more popular, don’t expect such a widespread adoption.

Microsoft also made sure to point out that Lenovo set a new and exciting world record after the company published a new #1 TPC-H 30 TB world record using SQL Server 2016 along with Windows Server 2016 running on a Lenovo System known as the x3950 X6.

All the key announcements as seen on the Microsoft blog:

  • SQL Server 2016 will be generally available on June 1, 2016. This will allow you to build mission-critical, and business critical intelligent applications with the most secure database1, the highest performance data warehouse2, end-to-end mobile BI on any device, in-database advanced analytics, in-memory capabilities optimized for all workloads, and a consistent experience from on-premises to cloud. These capabilities are built-in to SQL Server for industry-leading low cost of ownership.
  • New SQL Server 2016 performance benchmarks. Today, Lenovo published a new #1 TPC-H 30 TB world record3 using SQL Server 2016 and Windows Server 2016 on Lenovo System x3950 X6. This result, in addition to recent benchmarks by software and hardware partners as well as key applications across a variety of workloads, proves that SQL Server 2016 is the fastest in-memory database on the planet for your applications.
  • The SQL Server 2016 editions include Enterprise, Standard, Express, and Developer. In March, we announced that the SQL Server 2016 Developer edition will be a free download to enable broad access to and development on the full capabilities of the latest SQL Server release.

SQL Server 2016 should deliver groundbreaking performance and scale, but time will tell if that is indeed the case.


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