Windows 8 Offer at Staples: Get up to $400 to Trade Old PC for Windows 8 One

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Are you still looking to buy your next Windows 8 device but you are not yet convinced you should make the move? I know the feeling – whenever I have to buy a new computer, electronic device or whatnot, I am always looking to find some deals or discounts. So, why not apply the same logic while looking to upgrade to a Windows 8-enabled device, right? And if you live in the United States and if you are a customer at Staples, then you should know that there is a sweet offer already!

windows 8 offer staples

This sweet cash discount reminds me that BestBuy had a similar one, in February, but it was worth only $100. At Staples, you can get up to $400 if you bring in your old device, pay the price for your Windows 8 tablet, ultrabook or PC. Find below the list with devices and rewards that you can get:

  • Any Netbook, Any Notebook (any age) – $100
  • Any Notebook (up to 4 years old), Any Apple iPad (1st generation) – $150
  • Any Notebook powered by an Intel i3 or AMD A6 processor, Any Apple iPad mini, Any Apple iPad (2nd generation), Any Apple iPad (3rd generation) – $200
  • Any Notebook powered by an Intel i5 or AMD A8 or A10 processor, Any Apple iPad (4th generation) – $300
  • Any Notebook powered by an Intel i7 or AMD FX processor, Any Apple Macbook (up to 4 years old), Any Apple Macbook Air, Any Apple Macbook Pro (up to 4 years old) – $400

So, as you can see, the 400 hundred dollars that you will get back will actually be from a hefty device that you have previously own and which, isn’t actually that old. But if you’re willing to get read of old gadgetry as fast as possible, then this deal is for you. If not, you might just want to try and sell it for better money – so good luck with that. Also, don’t forget that your old device that you want to trade has to be in working order, come with a power supply and a battery. Do check the terms and condition of this offer, maybe there’s something that we have skipped mentioning.



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