Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition: here are the differences from the launch edition

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Are you a Star Wars fan? Do you own an Xbox One console? Then go ahead and purchase the latest Star Wars title for Microsoft’s console: Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate Edition.

The Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate Edition game has everything fans need to live the best battle fantasies, including Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass. Rebels and Imperials alike will be able to work hard and expand their galaxy, with 4 expansion packs, more than 30 maps, 14 heroes and 14 game modes.

If you want to buy the Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate Edition game, but you’re not convinced yet, we’ll try to help you by listing the differences between this edition and the launch edition, as this Reddit user explains:

Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate Edition new features:

  • The game launched with 15 maps split between 4 planets. Ultimate Edition has more than 30 maps, with additional maps released for the three main playlists. Also each DLC brings another selection of maps to the table.
  • The 10 game modes available at launch have been condensed to three main playlists: 40 person, 12 person and hero. They switch between different game modes that fit that size and four “DLC” playlists that focus on a certain type of gameplay.
  • New game modes are a lot more complex and interesting. For example, Extraction is like TF2’s payload, but with heroes coming in at set points depending on how far the payload advances: a rebel hero early to push it, an imperial later as a final obstacle.
  • Sabotage is an all out rebel assault on three points with 4 heroes on the field at once, then an imperial counterattack supported by 4 of theirs.
  • A lot of new equipment is available: new guns, new items. The launch edition doesn’t offer many customization options, but now you’ve got healing items, crowd control grenades and a variety of other tools to use.
  • A new customisation system is now available allowing you to mix up the head and body of your characters. Storm troopers now all wear helmets and there are many more skins to unlock: white or black storm troopers, imperial officers, death star troopers, rebel pilots, and more.
  • Elements of equipment from the Jedi Knight series are present.
  • 11 new heroes, including 8 regular new heroes and 2 new vehicle heroes are available.
  • Combat rolling is available again.

The list of Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition DLCs include:

  1. Outer rim, which focuses on small scale indoor combat, with very close quarters.
  2. Bespin, a large scale DLC, and the best DLC to play the sabotage game mode.
  3. Death Star, perfect for pilots.
  4. Scarif, for large scale gameplay.

Have you already played Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate Edition on your Xbox One console? Tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.