Control Star Wars BB-8 Droid with this Windows 10 App

by Ivan Jenic
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens is here, and the whole world is talking about it! And of course, every big event is followed by a proper merchandise (both digital and physical), to boost fans’ hype even more. Just in time for the release of the new Star Wars movie, Sphero presented its playful droid, BB-8, and now you’re able to control this toy with your Windows 10 device.

The app for controlling Sphero BB-8 droid first arrived to Android and iOS devices, but it finally made its way to Windows Store, so all owners of this interesting toy who are also using Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile devices, will be able to play with it.

Here’s what you can do with your BB-8 Droid app for Windows 10:

  • Slide your finger on the driving pad to guide your Droid. BB-8 will go wherever you point and hold, and he’ll even react to collisions. If you want to see more of his personality, enter the droid commander, choose an icon, and BB-8 will show off a range of expressions.
  • PATROL Tap into Patrol to send BB-8 off on his own. His autonomous behavior allows him to move around, get familiar with your space, and investigate the surroundings. Tap the play button to get BB-8 on the move.
  • HOLOGRAPHIC MESSAGING No Droid is complete without holographic messaging. Now you can make your own thanks to BB-8. Record a video and BB-8 will transform it into a virtual hologram.

So, if you’re amazed by this little guy just like we are, don’t waste any more time, head to your nearest supplier, and get your new friend for about $150. It also be a perfect holiday gift for every core Star Wars fan.

The app doesn’t come in package with BB-8 droid, but you can download Sphero BB-8 Windows 10 Universal app from Windows Store for free.

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