This is the end: Starbucks app pulls out of Window phones

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There is a small Windows phone fan base that choose Windows phone over iOS or Android. However, more and more applications are abandoning the Windows phone platform, which is causing the small fan base to become even smaller.

Since the Windows phone market share is gradually shrinking, companies are abandoning their applications on that platform because it is no longer worth maintaining. Instead, companies are moving their focus on improving their applications on Android or iOS phones.

Starbucks abandons Windows Mobile OS

As part of this trend, applications of big name companies such as Starbucks, are even shutting down their Windows Mobile OS version of their application.

Ironically, this app from Starbucks was previously considered to be proof that Microsoft Mobile OS has a fighting chance of being successful. Therefore, Starbucks decision to shut down their app on this platform comes as a huge blow to the Windows phone.

A brief history of the Starbucks app

When the Starbucks app was live on the Windows Mobile OS, it already had many problems. In fact, it started off with very little functionality. Nevertheless, since the application comes from a big-name company such as Starbucks, many Microsoft phone users consider it’s arrival to be an important event for the operating system. Some even considered the release of the official Starbucks application on Windows mobile to be a lifesaver for the OS.

Little commitment to Windows Mobile

Unfortunately, there seemed to be little commitment in improving the application, as it was rarely updated and was infested with bugs. The Starbucks application on the Windows Mobile OS had login issues and problems with crashing.

This shows that the team behind the application put little to no focus on the Windows version of the application. Therefore, it isn’t very surprising that the Starbucks decided to abandon their application.

For now, users who have been using the Windows Mobile version of the Starbucks app are advised to start using the Starbucks website for their services. This of course comes with a number of drawbacks.

Not only is it less convenient, but the browser version is not as user friendly or useful. So, it goes without saying that many Windows Mobile users will be disappointed by this recent turn of events.

Starbucks app still running strong on iOS and Android

On the hand, Starbucks applications on both Android and iOS systems are running just fine, and are receiving regular updates. This might cause Windows Phone users to switch to Android or iOS.

What are your thoughts on the gradually decline of Windows Phones market shares?

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