Starbucks’s app for Windows Phone users in the works

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One of the most successful companies in the world and the reason why no one actually knows what venti and latte really mean is finally planning to release its official Windows phone app. Yes, I’m talking about Starbucks, the place where you like to drink your sugar-laden franken-coffees while working, relaxing with your friends, or enjoying some down time with loved ones.

Apparently, the dedicated Starbucks Windows phone app has been missing from Windows Store for far too long. The app has been long requested by users not able to use Starbucks’ mobile payments system unless they owned a Microsoft Band or if they used a third party tool such as Latte Locator. Apps like Latte Locator only provides the nearest Starbucks location, though, and doesn’t feature a payment system. So, this release is most welcome.

According to Seattle Times journalist Janet Tu, the official Starbucks Windows phone app for the US is currently under development. Check out the original tweet below. While an exact launch date isn’t offered, the “soon” date should do the trick for now.Janet Tu tweet

Happily, according to the coffee company’s president and chief operating officer Kevin Johnson, this release might happen even sooner than you might think. “[Our] team has been working in partnership with Microsoft,” said Johnson, “and we are within 30 to 45 days of releasing a Windows Phone app.” Do the math right, and that leaves us with a possible May launch.

Currently, Starbucks has two official Windows Phone apps on the Windows Store — one for Russia and the other for Mexico. Of course, these tools can’t be used outside these markets, so US users will still have to wait a little bit longer until they are able to download and use their own Starbucks app.


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