Stardock Fences desktop organization tool comes to Steam

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Stardock Fences is one of the popular desktop organization software products on Windows. To make the tool’s adoption even wider among gamers, Stardock is rolling out Fences on Steam.

Regardless of their Windows version, gamers are expected to see the advantages of using a desktop organization tool to keep things in order with Fences. The inspiration for Stardock’s decision to introduce Fences to Steam is the success of other titles that it added to the gaming platform.

Stardock CEO Brad Wardell explained:

We’re already known for games like the Galactic Civilizations series on Steam. Our software has always been sold elsewhere. We think that gamers, streamers, creatives, and the types of people drawn to Steam could really benefit from some of our applications, and that’s why we’re starting with Fences.

With Fences, you can take control of your cluttered desktop and convert it into a clean workspace. Fences collects your icons, files, and folders in shaded areas, which you can hide with a double-click.

Creatives can also tuck files away in nearby Fences while painting, designing, and editing. You can also drag Fences anywhere on the desktop, move them to the sides, spread them across multiple pages, or roll them up with a single click.


  • On Steam, the tool’s features include:
  • Custom-sized shaded areas for organizing your desktop
  • Navigate the folder structure directly from within a fence
  • Roll up fences to the title-bar for cleaner desktops
  • Blur the wallpaper behind fences (Windows 10 only)
  • Use Fences on modern, high-DPI monitors
  • Double click the desktop to hide/reveal icons
  • Swipe between multiple pages of fences

Additionally, the technical features are:

  • Define rules for organizing your desktop icons
  • Snapshot fences layout for easy restoration
  • Maintain per-screen resolution or scale fences to screen size
  • Customize icon and fence spacing

On top of Steam, the tool also supports Windows 10 and high DPI monitors. It includes the blurring feature behind fences for Microsoft’s latest desktop operating system. Fences is now available on Steam and Stardock for $9.99.


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