Start Menu might lose the Live tiles in future Windows 10 updates

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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Start Menu might loose the Live tiles in future Windows 10 updates

As you already know, Microsoft mistakenly pushed out an internal Windows 10 version to all Insiders.

This is a pretty uncommon mistake, but it revealed a very interesting change that the company prepares for upcoming version of Windows 10.

Live tiles might be a thing of the past

To be specific, the Start Menu gets a new revamped design with normal tiles instead of the popular live tiles. leaked new design start menu windows 10

This was leaked on Twitter by NTAuthority.

If it looks rough and unfinished to you, that’s because it is. Remember, this was discovered in an internal build that wasn’t supposed to make it to Insiders just yet.

The design change is a bit weird, as Microsoft had a tough time in the past switching the live tiles with anything else. That’s why is speculated that this may be a future change for Windows Lite.

The Windows 10 community hates the new Start Menu design

The reaction from the Windows 10 community was rough, to put it lightly:

Oh you have to be kidding me. This is [..] awful.
why they have to destroy everything that was good about 10? first neon, now this… and they wonder why people want to disable updates

If the new Start Menu will replace your current one, it remains to be seen.

Along with the Start Menu, it seems like Control Center is also getting a layout for Windows Lite. control center windows lite layout

What do you think about a Start Menu without Live tiles?

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